Check out the amazing wellness programs and activities that are available for the Parkinson community! Get involved and get active!

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Parkinsonism Wellness Program

Description Sponsored by the University of Utah Rehabilitation and Wellness Clinic, the Parkinsonism Wellness Program is designed for people of all ages with varying levels of Parkinson Disease. We welcome all medically stable individuals to exercise (and box!) with us. Participants have an exercise program tailored to meet their needs by a licensed physical therapist.  […]

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Parkinson’s Wellness Program

Description Sponsored by the Intermountain McKay-Dee Stewart Rehab Center, the Parkinson’s Wellness Program offers tailored wellness programs to maximize your health through balance, stability, strength, and flexibility. Physician referral and physical therapy evaluation are required prior to participation. Time & Location Mondays & Wednesdays or Tuesdays & Thursdays*, 12-1 PM @ the McKay-Dee Orthopedic and […]

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Grey Matters: Stretching the Mind, Body, and Soul through Dance

Description Sponsored by the University of Utah Departments of Modern Dance and Physical Therapy, Grey Matters: Stretching the Mind, Body, and Soul through Dance provides participants living with Parkinson Disease, their immediate family members, and caregivers and opportunity to enjoy the many pleasures and possibilities dance and music offer as a form of symptomatic therapy. […]

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Rock Steady Boxing

Description Rock Steady Boxing is a non-contact, boxing-inspired fitness program that was developed to specifically fight the symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease. Every exercise and activity is done to target common symptoms of PD; such as tremors, postural instability, vocalization weakness, loss of strength, and more. By exercising with Coaches who know the ropes, you can […]

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UMove: University of Utah Department of Physical Therapy

About Free 8-week course Classes are taught by Physical Therapy students Course Objectives Participant reported measures for quality of life and physical activity level Personalized education to increase your physical activity and quality of life Personal activity goals and strategies to accomplish them! Time & Location Thursdays, 2:00 – 4:00 PM (May 30th – July […]